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A Kick Scooter for Taller and Heavier Adults: SwiftyONE TALL

There’s nothing like gliding along standing tall riding your kick-scooter. But for those who are particularly tall, it can be harder to find a scooter suitable.

SwiftyONE Tall – rider height 195cm (6’5”) | max weight 150kg (330lb)

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Introducing SwiftyONE Tall, our foldable adult scooter that’s suitable for adults with a height of up to 6’5” (195cm), and tested to a max load of 150kg (330lb).

For those tall or heavy, a foldable scooter with a folding mechanism that’s robust, and a riding position that lets you stand straight enough to be comfortable, is a must. We’re now stocking a riser handlebar to fit a SwiftyONE MK3, making a SwiftyONE TALL.

kick scooters for heavy adults

Handlebar Height

With an adjustable handlebar height, you can customise your scooting stance to suit each ride. With a max height of 1130mm (44.5inches) and upright position, a rider of up to 6’5″ can stand tall.

Robust folding mechanism

With an intrinsically safe rear folding mechanism, (forces not bearing down on locking pin) the mechanism for SwiftyONE won’t fail under heavier loads. This feature is unique to SwiftyONE – designed and engineered in the UK, and is tested to 150kg BSEN: 14619:2015.

kick scooters for heavy adults

SwiftyONE TALL is made up of SwiftyONE MK3 choose colour options here with a riser handlebar silver or black.

If you want a higher handlebar for your existing SwiftyONE or SwiftyZERO, please upgrade with the riser kit available in silver or black.kick scooters for heavy adults, adult commuting scooter, folding commuting scooter

The tallest rider we could find! Wayne (6’4″) is riding SwiftyONE TALL in Classic Black with riser bars.

folding commute scooter, kick scooters for heavy adults

Foldable adult Scooter for taller riders SwiftyONE TALL

adult commuting scooter, foldable adult scooter

Adult kick-scooter for taller riders, SwiftyONE TALL with riser bars