bikes vs scooters

Bikes v Scooters: Who comes out on top?

A sense of competition always simmers under the surface, whether it is mountain bikers against roadies, skateboarders versus BMXers, or in this case, bikes versus scooters!

bikes vs scooters

Let’s take commuters, a folding vehicle is ideal. To take your chosen wheels onto the train with you during rush hour, and to quickly unfold and whizz onwards, leaving your fellow train passengers queueing for the bus, can bring on a sense of winning even while the day has barely begun. But why compare the cycle-commute and the scoot-commute? Bikes are the more efficient form of transport, they are fast and easy to use, so how could a scooter possibly compete?

Road Danger

The number one reason most people are put off cycling in cities is road danger. If the cycle infrastructure is lacking, many people aren’t willing to risk their lives on their way to work. Using a kick scooter offers an appealing alternative and is a growing trend in many major cities. It is for that sole reason, that you can avoid sharing your route with motorists.

Standing Posture and No Saddle Sores

The stand up posture of a kick-scooter not only gives a certain thrill factor when freewheeling down a hill, but is also kind to your back and neck. Maybe not the most aerodynamic riding position, but an upright scooting position is comfortable for miles. No saddle = no saddle sores. In fact anyone who has spent a long time in the saddle could tell you it’s not always kind to your behind.

Stress Factor

There is not just a risk factor associated with cycling on the road, there is also a stress factor. Admittedly exercise is a proven tool to unwind, why ruin this with lorries hurtling past, and buses tailgating, taxis cutting you up, and pot-holes to dodge. In contrast, by scooting, you can leisurely scoot down the pavement, finding a freedom to alter your route, down backstreets, tow-paths, finding broad pedestrianised sections. Taking in the sights, exploring while exercising, now that sounds like a more enriching commute!

bikes vs scooters

Easy Maintenance

A scooter has less moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance than a bike. Just a quick check of tyres and brakes and off you go!

No need for special kit

For the more style-conscious among us, wearing lycra into the office is a no. But chancing getting your best jeans caught in the chain is also a no. A scooter has no chain, so you can pretty much scoot in whatever you like – no room for lycra clad warriors here folks!

bikes vs scooters

Price, Weight and Foldability

A SwiftyONE is around half the price and half the weight of a folding bike of comparable quality, with significantly less maintenance involved in its upkeep, who could argue with that? The folding mechanism of SwiftyONE has one clear advantage, that it can be rolled on its front wheel while folded. It’s slim profile when folded is also particularly convenient for storage, both these factors are unrivalled by a folding bike.


The bicycle wins on speed – sure enough the bicycle has a mechanical advantage. To that we say, take note the words of Mahatma Gandhi,

“There is more to life than increasing its speed”