Colour of the Month – Custom Scooter Colours

Colour of the Month – Custom Scooter Colours

Imagine a scooter in your favourite colour – how awesome would that be? Here at Swifty, we love a good colour. Which is why we’re bringing back “Colour of the Month”!

What is Swifty’s Colour of the Month? 

This February, Swifty Scooters is bringing back “Colour of the Month”. This means you can get a special custom coloured scooter for the same price as one of our core colours, saving up to £179. Colours will change every month, so make sure to keep an eye out to avoid missing out on the colour you want. The Colour of the Month scooters are individually powder coated and assembled in Manchester, UK.

Why Colour of the Month?

We know how important it is to identify with the products we buy, and the right colour can make such a big difference. Own your style with Swifty’s Colour of the Month. Express your individuality with the hottest colours of the season.

Colours can have a big influence on how we feel and how we show ourselves to the world. When riding a Swifty, we always prefer to ride in style. Colour of the month is your chance to get a scooter in the colour you absolutely love. 

Celebrating Design

Being a designed led company, the Swifty founders Jason and Camilla like to celebrate great creativity. Swifty has evolved from making the first batch by hand in Jason’s workshop to manufacturing on a larger scale. We have a great passion for making and designing the best quality products. Custom modifications, including these custom colours, are all done at SwiftyHQ in Manchester.

“Sometimes we like to get a bit creative, and we know our customers like to as well!”  

The colour of February 2019: Powder Pink

powder pink scooter february colour of the month

pink scooter for kids

Colour of the Month will change monthly. Older colours will still be available for purchase, but at an extra cost for custom colouring.