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Swifty Scooters arrives in New York City

Swifty first came to New York in 2013 when the foldable adult-scooter SwiftyONE, featured in Graham Hill’s Tiny Transforming Apartment in SoHo.

With unique slimline foldability, the SwiftyONE foldable adult scooter is a great solution to urban mobility, particularly if you live in a small apartment. The full sized adult kick-scooter folds so slim, it almost disappears against the wall, utilising unused space.

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SwiftyONE, the adult kick-scooter that ‘disappears’ against the wall in small apartments using a bespoke wall bracket

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SwiftyONE foldable adult kick-scooter in New York City

Graham Hill’s Tiny Transforming Apartment

The 2013 concept apartment was designed to revolutionise affordable living in Manhattan, and it packs an astonishing 8 rooms into 350 square feet by utilising the premium real-estate space to a maximum by means of foldable furniture. Along with a healthy dose of minimalist ideology, the concept seems all the more relevant today.

“Where most people have to make lots of compromises in comfort and quality to live in New York, and give up a lot of the things that people have in bigger homes, Graham has demonstrated that you don’t have to give up a damn thing.” TreeHugger 2013

GIZMODO – The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

The Tiny Transforming apartment also features a bike, the Thin Bike, designed by Graham Hill – also using this thin profile to slot inside a cupboard or against a wall.

adult foldable scooter in new york, commuting scooter

The Thin Bike for Schindelhauer by Graham Hill

Graham Hill’s SwiftyONE MK1 foldable scooter – screenshot from Life Edited Transforming Apartment

The ‘thin’ profile of the SwiftyONE also makes sense when transporting it. Where more compact volume might hit against your leg as you carry it, the SwiftyONE is easy to carry, and it even rolls on its front wheel. Ideal for manoeuvering through crowds on a station platform.


adult scooter, foldable commuting scooter, scooter with big wheels

The ‘thin’ folded profile makes the SwiftyONE so easy to carry.

adult scooter, commuting scooter, foldable premium scooter, scooter with big wheels

SwiftyONE can be effortlessly rolled on its front wheel

SwiftyONE adult scooter is available in store at NYCeWheels, Manhattan, 353 East 58th Street (Between 1st and 2nd Avenue) New York, NY 10022.

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NYCe-WHEELS Foldable adult kick-scooter – SwiftyONE