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The Elite London Luxury Lifestyle Show 2017

Transported into the world of jet-set luxury, last weekend we visited the lifestyle event The Elite London. Packed with VIP experiences like test driving supercars in the test drive paddock, helicopter pleasure flights and flying in a Spitfire. Not to mention test-riding our limited edition foldable scooter SwiftyONE MARINE. Here is the low-down on the three day event!

foldable adult scooter, adult scooter, commuting scooter


An outstanding array of cars, luxury sports cars, vintage collectables and top of the range automobiles, the Elite London had them all on show. With free test rides of the Abarth Spider, or testing out a Tesla Model X, it was an experience not to be missed. Notably a made to order Atalanta vintage sports car was a definite head turner. A classic British heritage brand with an impeccable black finish and spoked wheels, what’s not to love?

Atalanta Motors at The Elite London


With many visitors to the show arriving by air, the air-strip was full of private planes and helicopters to see. Noted was a multi-coloured helicopter belonging to Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, brought to the show by Heli-Air.

Jay Kay’s multi-coloured helicopter

And an Embraer Legacy 450 which we took for the opportunity for a few cheeky photos for the Embraer with our Swifty ONE Marine foldable scooter. Many thanks to the Embrear team for their cooperation.

adult scooter, foldable adult scooter, folding commuting scooter

adult scooter, foldable adult scooter, commuter scooter


One item certainly on my wish list was the Materia wooden bike. Made in Latvia using hardwood, and finished to a stunning spec, I took this beauty out for a spin on the runway. Astonishingly light, a Materia bike is a work of beauty and craftsmanship.

Camilla after taking his Materia bike for a test ride!

SwiftyONE MARINE and SwiftyZERO adult kick-scooter

The SwiftyONE Marine foldable scooter weighs an impressive 7.8kg and happily fits into the hold of a private plane, or stows away on a boat due to its slim profile. Handy for scooting around airports or out of town marinas.

adult scooter, foldable adult scooter, commuting scooter

SwiftyONE Marine, the perfect stow-away, weighing just 7.8kg.

We had a fantastic time at the Elite Show, here are a few of our favourite photos:
foldable electric scooter, electric scooter adult
Olga Datsenka and partner test riding the SwiftyONE foldable electric scooter – coming soon.
turquoise adult scooter, adult kick scooter, premium scooter for adults
When your Swifty Zero matches your favourite turquoise ring
adult scooter aqua green, adult scooter with big wheels
A gift for the ladies in your life – Swifty ZERO Aqua Green
adult scooter, adult scooter with big wheels, commuting scooter
A happy customer at The Elite London – SwiftyONE Classic Black
adult scooter, kids scooter, swifty scooter

A Swifty super-fan family visiting The Elite London

adult scooter, adult scooter with big wheels, foldable scooter