Swifty Scooters founder Jason and Camilla



Swifty Scooters was founded by MA RCA design graduates and husband and wife team, Jason and Camilla Iftakhar. The company launched to critical acclaim in September 2011 with their first innovative product SwiftyONE, arguably the world’s first premium foldable kick-scooter for adults.

They work together with their small team in Manchester UK where they have prototyping facilities, a workshop and a design studio and are committed to producing quality and long-lasting products for their customers to enjoy and love.


Jason and Camilla are ambassadors to their own brand, they scoot daily, and Swifty is evolving with them. The idea to design a credible adult scooter began in London in 2009 where they both were looking for a safe and fun way to commute. Since moving to Manchester, they hope that their work is contributing to reducing pollution and congestion in cities.

They understand the barriers people have to cycle and that scooting is a credible alternative. It’s fast, accessible to all abilities, and most importantly scooting is really good fun. Starting from humble beginnings by hand making the frames and assembling the scooters in their small workshop in Salford, Jason and Camilla now enjoy knowing that there are thousands of customers all around the world exploring their cities on their Swiftys.


Design and innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Swifty Scooters. We engineer all our scooters to be original, functional products that are enjoyable to use and fit seamlessly into your routine.

We are still astounded by where, and how our scooters have been ridden, over longer distances that we originally imagined and over terrain that smashed any preconceptions of the limitations of scooter riding. This is a testament to the quality of our products.

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