Develop3D product review

Develop3D product review

“Over the last five years Swifty Scooters has launched three editions of its SwiftyONE, a scooter for adults looking for adventure or an alternative way to commute to work. The MK3 is its latest evolution.”

Thanks to Develop3D magazine for the feature article!

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“Stronger Frame: To add stiffness to the socket welded frame, a new gusset has been welded into the front joint increasing the maximum load to over 150kg.

“Rear Folding Mechanism: The rear folding mechanism has been re-engineered to be supported on the integrated bearings. The rear forks unfold smoothly and snap automatically into place with a spring-loaded pin. Then when the rear forks are in the folded position, there’s a small catch to secure it.

“Offset forks and V-brake: To provide greater stability when scooting at speed, the front fork offset has been increased over previous models. The MK3 also gets a new V-brake for stopping power.

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“Stronger When Folded: A simple metal toggle secures the stem in the folded position, upgraded from plastic to metal to add strength when folded.

“CNC Cut Features: Using CNC machining, a curved slot around the stem tube has been created, aiding the handlebars to glide into the folded position with ease.

“New Design in Solidworks: The new features were designed in Solidworks. Swifty’s CAD models typically contain over 400 parts and are fully functioning assemblies, where the user can click and drag parts to fold as they would in the real world to check for interferences or clashing. Moving from steel frame and fork set to aluminium was a big challenge – welding processes were all different. The team employed FEA software to help understand high-stress points that needed strengthening. Swifty will be using further FEA as the designs progress and explore carbon as the next material challenge.

“Options, Price and Availability: The SwiftyONE MK3 is available now from £599. A range of frame colour and finish options are available.”